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New poem, "The Star" & a prompt

Vibe: mystical, cosmic, existential

Rejections: 2

From Earth, Polaris seems too small to be a guide: what does a grain
of sand know about being a whale?

Read more at Nebulous.

I'm so happy to have found a community of fellow dream-poem lovers! (I'm one of those weirdos who always wants to know about everyone's dreams. The imagery!) One of the pieces that first drew me to this journal has this wonderful, oceanic line: "I watch the finned creature grow a head and a mouth and swallow the house whole" (from "Growth Spurt" by Cecilia Kennedy).

This poem was inspired by The Star tarot card (specifically, Kim Krans's wonderful The Wild Unknown, my first ever deck!) I wrote it while staying in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where I always have incredible dreams; it was as if I woke up with this poem already in my mind.

I love the phrase "cosmic ladder"—the term for how astronomers measure distance between celestial objects—and thought it would be fun if gods could climb them.


Write something that combines science and mythology and/or dreams.


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