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New poem, "Beyond Vision" & a prompt

Vibe: empowering, feminist, mythical

Rejections: 13 - lucky number ;) (1 with a compliment)

I was a warrior: one foot pointed forward, the other steady / parallel

Read more at The Bluebird Word.

Are you, like me, a fan of Madeline Miller's work, such as Circe? I used to be intimidated by classical mythology, but I love her reinventions. Myths belong to us all, so don't be afraid to bring them into your writing.

I drafted "Beyond Vision" in paragraph form first, then began to play with line breaks. It really came alive to me, however, when I decided to get experimental with its shape. Fellow yogis will recognize the warrior pose!

Conventional wisdom holds that shape/concrete poetry is gimmicky, but personally I like it—it makes clear that poetry is not just literary art, but sometimes visual art, too.


Redraft a poem with a new shape that exists in the world: a body position, a piece of furniture, a plant or animal.


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